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19 July

Frogs only need ponds for spawning, but they do need a nice damp area, and something to drink.


18 July

Another tree bumble bee on its last legs. Why?


16 July

We used to have a schoolmaster with great bushy eyebrows. He looked a bit like this
moth, so we should have called him
'The Drinker'.


14 July

At first I thought that this was one of the red kites that have appeared this summer.
But I'm not sure what it is. Is it a young buzzard missing some tail feathers?


13 July

Lupin aphids turning a lupin stalk into a sticky mess. These aphids only arrived in the UK
(from North America) in the 1980's.


12 July

This tree bumble bee is on his last legs. Tree bumble bees are an invasive species and the jury is out
as to whether it's a good or bad thing. Or just a thing.
There are a dozen or so lying dead, or dying, on my lawn at the moment.
Note the bald patch on its back, that helps identification.


9 July

Frogs spend most of the year away from ponds so are struggling to find water
during this dry spell. Leaving water out in the garden will help all sorts of wildlife


8 July

With little or no rain forecast for the next week or so, it looks as if the Common will
look very parched, very soon.



Looking southeast towards the crossroads


7 July

A skipper braving, or enjoying, the hot sunshine on a bramble flower


2 July

Unusually this shrew was scurrying around the place in broad daylight. Shrews are one of the oldest
mammals and kill their prey with a poisonous bite.



I saw this fritillary yesterday in the garden and thought it was a twin-spot. Sadly it died overnight, but it
does make id slightly easier. Is it a silver-washed fritillary?


1 July

Flowers in full bloom beside the Common. The phone box in the foreground will soon be redecorated
and hold one of the villages two defibrillators.



There are some fine specimens of trees around the village.
It would be a useful project to document them. Anyone ?


27 Jun

Cinnebar moth caterpillars. Every child's favourite caterpillar. And since they tend to live on plants
that we consider weeds, most adult's favourite too.


photo courtesy of Margaret Dean

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